TRS/TS Dual Cable


Both HubBub models utilizes a bundled Dual TRS/TS Cable for the guitar to HubBub connection and connects your pedal chain, amp, OBEL cable and guitar cable in one location. No more window washer harness plus The HubBub’s hardwired split of the stereo OBEL cable to the mono Send and Return jacks, produces a cleaner, clearer and more reliable signal than the “Y” cable.

The Dual TRS/TS Cable consists of:

2x 12′ Mogami Black Cables (1 TRS stereo & 1 TS mono) both with one straight and one rt angle Black Neutrix Plug (Our most popular configuration)

Bundled in a FlexoPet expandable sleeve and secured with Double Layered Adhesive Lined Shrink Wrap for easy cable management and neat appearance.

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  • Add Additional Length Of Cable ($3.67 Per Foot)

    Extra Cable Length (Feet)

    Switch to Right Angle Plugs

    Plug Options

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