About “The Hubbub”


As a builder and player of guitars equipped with an Onboard Effects Loop (OBEL) and unity gain buffer modeled after Jerry Garcia’s guitars, I have noticed a couple of problems with this setup and have come up with a solution.

First problem is the cables coming off the guitar. Traditionally with an OBEL, you have a stereo cable that splits to a “Y” and the regular guitar output to amp cable. If your effects are on a pedalboard, you are plugged into it at 2 locations as well as the cable going to your amp. This leaves you strung between your pedals and amp like a window washer’s harness.

Second problem is if you want or need to use a different guitar that doesn’t have an effects loop, you would have to reroute the cables for a traditional effects chain. Not necessarily a difficult process, but not something you want to do in the middle of a gig or every time you switch guitars.

The Solution

Introducing “The HubBub” – The world’s first Dual Mode Cable Hub exclusively designed for OBEL equipped guitars.

Built in a standard MXR style single aluminum box, The HubBub is hand wired using Switchcraft jacks.
Just flip the toggle switch to the right, and the HubBub routes the signal from your OBEL equipped guitar thru your pedals, back to your guitar volume/tone controls and out to your amp.

Flip the toggle to the left, and the The HubBub bypasses the OBEL circuit and routes a traditional signal from the guitar thru your effects and out to your amp.

The HubBub is a passive system so no battery or power supply is necessary.